Week 15: Your Marketing Strategy

  By Thursday: Planning Your Future Strategy : Personally, for my business I think that it would be wise to integrate Facebook and Instagram. After seeing all the social media platforms, I think these are the best ones for my business and have the best tools for me to use. I want to be able to put financial advice, quotes and have interactive content that people will be able to work with. I also think that LinkedIn is also a great way to build an online network of like minded individuals. Especially during this pandemic. I feel like it's a good way to get in my field and see what others are doing. Personally I liked using Facebook the most because I got the most engagement. Everyday new people would check out my page and it was just super convenient to navigate through. I personally think checking in at least an hour a day to see what's new and whose engaged is enough. It gives me time to answer any questions and see what people might need.   By Monday: Posts: 3x a week on Face

Week 14: Learning from Social Media Analytics 1 & 2

  Personally for Essential Credit Management, I think the best part of Google Analytics is the Reports. After doing some research, they have a very in depth way of reporting user activity. They have audience, advertising, acquisition, behavior, conversion, real-time, user reports, data freshness, unsampled reports and roll up reporting. The reason why this is so crucial for my business is because I need to be able to see what my users are engaging with. Being able to monitor real time and see what my clients need as a consultant is so crucial to my business.  By Monday: Facebook analytics allows users to organize their social media engagements. Analytics gives an algorithm that works with you and your business to promote your plan. By tracking what does and does not work for you, it helps narrow down how people react to your posts and allow you to improve whatever content may need improvements. Facebook analytics shows how many people the post reached, views, likes, engagement, respons

Week 13 PartB: Developing Online Advertising

 For this assignment I decided to use different clip arts and pictures to compile my own versions of online advertisement. I chose very colorful and engaging images in order to get customers attention. The objective of my advertisements is to make sure that customers know that whether they need a budget, to balance their life and their credit, as well as debt to income ratio, essential credit management is here for them. I think the images that I chose help show our motivation to make sure that they get their lives and finances in order. I posed them to Facebook however, for some reason I ad difficulty emailing the screenshots and the advertisements came out a little blurry. However, online advertising is crucial part to anybody's business. I think it is really important. Especially during these times, to make sure that we do what we can to make sure that our products are reaching to the right audiences. People are looking for help and products in a whole new world and its up to ad

Week 13 Part A: Online Advertising - Analysis of the Marketplace

  Online advertising is such a crucial part of the world we live in today. Especially during current times as we have been in a pandemic for over a year now. The transition to online marketing is higher than it's been before. This tool is one of the only things allowing businesses to stay open and if used properly, will allow new businesses to advertise effectively as well. In the article “2020 Facebook Algorithm Can Impact Your Brand Strategy” the author talks about the benefits of Facebook. Businesses over the years, have had the luxury of being able to promote themselves on social media platforms. This advantage has allowed businesses to reach clients they normally would not, thanks to Facebook's algorithm. The beauty of its algorithm is that it promotes businesses that Facebook users want to see. I can attest to this fact, because I always find myself looking at the side bar and ads between posts, wondering how they knew I wanted certain products. This advertisement acts

Week 12: Business Specific Online Tools

For this assignment I went through a few different groups that caught my eye. The first group I found on Linkedin was the Finance group. This community of business professionals are based worldwide and their goal is to boost financial professionals with their careers while expanding their network within the industry. Next, I came across the Accounting and Finance Professionals page. Just like the Finance Group, this online community seeks to build a network that will enhance members' careers. The reason why these two groups were my favorite is because I believe for the first year, marketing and networking is crucial. These online groups will have a database of business professionals in the field that may be able to connect me with possible clients. Building these connections will not only help me but potentially their clients too. Lastly, finance plus is a worldwide community that also provides networking between financial professionals. Essential Credit Management is designed to h

Week 11: Marketing with Twitter, LinkedIn, Social Influencers When building your brand, it is important to recognize the value of social media platforms. Establishing your social influence will allow you to connect to different people on different levels. Websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are all great ways to network. However, one stands out above the rest. LinkedIn is an online resource designed to help business professionals make connections. Whether it is people in a field you are in or aspire to be, LinkedIn is a great tool for success. You can also make friends with people that are not in your field and build an online business community. LinkedIn was created in 2003 as a way for business professionals to connect. One fun fact that most people did not know is that LinkedIn is one of the oldest social media platforms. It even predates Youtube. Not only is it a great place to promote yourself and your business, it also has other helpful uses. LinkedIn is also

Week 10: Email Marketing Part 1 and 2

Email Marketing is one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Both prospective and returning clients have the chance to engage with you and what you have to offer. For my business specifically, I believe the best thing to do is send out a bi-weekly newsletter with a list of services and financial tips. I think it would be very helpful for people interested in financial services to be able to have access to information. I think that the best thing I can do is use statistics, testimonials and other information about finance and building wealth. One thing I have to be careful of, is to not give out too much information too soon. I also can agree that it is very frustrating signing up for a newsletter you can’t opt out of. Having the right to choose really sets people apart. I think there is a thin line between being informative and feeling like you're being harassed for a product.