Week 4: Defining Your Target Market

When establishing a new business, it is important to establish your brand. From there you must think about the audience you wish to reach. Establishing your target market and demographic is very important in the initial stages of your business. In doing so, you must identify where and who might benefit from your product or services. One example of this can be found from two nurseries here in California. Armstrong is a well-known chain of nurseries that can be found throughout the coast, while Farmstand is a local nursery in Vista.Upon a basic review, you can see both websites offer plants. However, Farmstand specializes in succulents, while Armstrong has a long list of plants they sell and grow.While both Armstrong and Farmstand seem to support plant loving customers, Farmstands target market has a more specific demographic. Customers that shop there are more likely to live in dryer places. Succulents also come with less maintenance, so this may be for people who don’t want to spend t…

Week 3 Part B: Developing a Brand

When going into entrepreneurship, one of the most important things to do is develop your brand. Having a sense of identity, helps establish what your company will stand for and sets the tone of how customers will perceive you. Brand identity is crucial for entrepreneurs because it allows customers to see the purpose, vision, values and mission of the company. Being an entrepreneur means that you must spend time deciding what your company will represent. These days companies have become more personal and it's important to understand what impact you would like to leave on your customer. First, it is important that you establish a logo. This will be how people associate you with your brand. It is also very important to stay consistent, because too many logos will make it hard for people to remember or associate you with your product. From there it is necessary to have some type of motto or slogan that is easy to remember and that resonates with customers. Developing a brand means tha…

Week 3 Part A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

When promoting yourself or your business, aesthetic, design and branding are key in driving in traffic. It is important to make sure that what you are selling or promoting is being displayed in a way that is catching to the eye. As an example of great design, Apple’s website is known for their keen eye for detail and the aesthetic of their design. When you first enter into their website, you are greeted with a dark design showcasing their latest phone. It is clear through scrolling that this website was done professionally. The only part of their design that I would critique is how large everything is. Although it is catching the eye, I would prefer space to see things verus it being overly zoomed in.
Next, I visited the Toyota website. Ironically enough, I enjoyed their display more than Apple. The first thing you see when you open their page is three different versions of their vehicle. The sizing and spacing were pleasing to the eye and the important information was bolded nicely. T…

Week 2 Part B - Business Research is an athletic brand that sells footwear, equipment, apparel and accessories globally.On their website, the social media they are visibly using are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. These links can be found at the bottom right section of the page and will take you straight to their page on each platform. Nike does not post daily, however their content does a great job of speaking for itself and has a lot of engagement. The last time they posted was on August 31st on Instagram. Their last tweet was August 31st. Their last Facebook post was August 31st as well as on Youtube. I believe that Nike does a good job of keeping consistency. Although they post every few weeks, they make sure to have the same content released on the same day on all social media platforms.Their Twitter has over 8.2 million followers. Their Facebook has 34.4 million followers. Their Instagram has 121 million followers and their Youtube has 1.52 million followers. Since Nike has been ar…

Week 2 Part A: Communication Between Business & Consumer

Over the years communication between companies and consumers has evolved. Unlike the past, there are new areas in which communication can occur. Before, communication between businesses and customers was strictly through the phone or mail. Customers were not allowed access inside companies and given a chance to review their products and services. Whereas now, customer service is more personal. Companies must live up to their mission statement and the standard they set. These days apps like yelp and google allow customers to interact with each other and communicate about similar services. These media platforms have created a space that has the potential to make or break a business. With the emergence of social media, it's become easier for problems to be solved. Customer concerns are amplified so much so that it causes businesses to react to issues sooner. This phenomena created a new atmosphere of accountability
Typically customers not only share about the product, but the experien…

Week1 PartB

this week's comments:
1. Claudia's CSIT 155 - Amanda Campbell


For my blog, I chose a palm tree design. I decided to go with my theme because of the meaning behind the palm tree. Earlier this month, I watched a message on YouTube that talked about Palm Trees. The moral of the story was resilience. Palm trees can withstand every type of whether condition. This is why we see them in the desert and even by the beach. 
Now, the underlying message of the palm tree stands with its roots. Though they bend they do not break They can withstand the wind, rain and are resilient through the toughest of storms. I liked this background because in life and in all things you must decide if you'll bend or break. \
The best platforms for your business are Instagram and Facebook. I think that Instagram has so many ways to promote and brand yourself and your business. It allows you to personalize your business while capitalizing on the normal traffic and flow of Instagram. There are also many benefits of Facebook, which creates groups or communities of people. Bot…